The Inward Revolution:

Discover the Secrets of the Greatest Human Power

Author Storm Constantine joins forces with spiritual advisor Debbie Benstead to address the need for self-development, drawing on the work of influential teachers including Krishnamurti and William Reich.


The authors begin by looking at the significance of childhood conditioning and how this links to adult attitudes, expressed in daily life. This conditioning is shown to be linked to the formation of a 'false personality', causing problems such as self-justification, dependency, control and invalidation, and the desire for temporary gratification. The authors introduce ideas of how to break down this "false personality" through a process of "passive watching", where an individual observes him or herself without self-justification, self-identification or self-criticism.


Other steps in this practical guide, such as meditation, breathing exercises and visualization, help the reader to learn how to become aware of his or her life energy and inner essence.


Including many 'real-life stories' to illustrate the conditions and stresses we find ourselves under, 'The Inward Revolution' offers a guide to help break down entrenched conditioning and behaviour, freeing us to be ourselves.


Published by Warner, 1998, pbk 978-0751519396