Sekhem Heka:

A Natural Healing and Self-Development System


Sekhem is an Ancient Egyptian term that literally means power or might. It is the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian concept of prana, and also of chi and ki, terms used in the Orient to denote the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together.


Sekhem is both all around us and within us. Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki work very well together as a unified trinity of sacred healing energies to completely harmonize your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, bringing balance to your life. They help you expand your capacity to carry more light and love, which anchors and grounds the essential life force within your energy system.


Many people all over the world feel a calling to Egypt and Egyptian energies. Learning to work with these energies can transform your life. Sekhem Heka introduces the searcher to this practice through seven degrees of spiritual and personal self-exploration and self-development.


Drawing upon her experiences in Egyptian Magic and the energy healing systems of Reiki and Seichim, Storm Constantine has developed this new system to appeal to practitioners of both magic and energy healing alike. Incorporating ritual and visualisation into a progressive journey through the seven energy centres of the body, Sekhem Heka can be practiced by those who are already attuned to an energy healing modality, as well as those who are simply interested in the magical aspects of the system.


Sekhem Heka is designed to help the practitioner work upon self-evolution and self-knowledge. Each of the seven tiers focuses upon a particular energy centre and an Ancient Egyptian god or goddess, with practical exercises and rites. The author has devised a new terminology for the system, drawn from the Ancient Egyptian language, including powerful mantras to help manifest positive changes in your life.


Published by Imnanion Press (pbk) 2008 978-1905713134

Also available on Kindle