Scenting Hallowed Blood

Volume 2 of The Grigori Trilogy

High Crag on Cornwall’s desolate storm-lashed coast is a mysterious place with dark secrets. On these bleak shores, the rebel offspring of the angelic race landed many millennia ago. Their memory was never forgotten and across the centuries, seers, mystics and witches basked in the occult power of this prehistoric landscape, awaiting the rebirth of the Fallen Ones. Yet their modern day descendents, the Grigori, are already among humanity, hidden yet preparing for world dominance as the new millennium approaches.


One rogue Grigori, the fallen angel Shemyaza, once reborn as the mysterious figure, Peverel Othman, is ready to spoil the careful plans of human and Grigori alike. Having escaped from the destruction he wreaked in the sleepy village of Little Moor, Shemyaza walks the earth as his giant forefathers did long before him. Accompanied by the hybrid twins, Owen and Lily Winter, and the seer, Daniel, he is drawn to High Crag. Here, he must journey into a domain deep beneath the serpentine cliffs, where an ancient power sleeps and the secrets of the past wait to be rediscovered.


Scenting Hallowed Blood is the second volume in Storm Constantine’s acclaimed Grigori trilogy, exploring the myths of the fallen angels and the Nephilim.


This new edition includes cover art by Ruby.


First published in 1996 by Penguin Creed

Immanion Press, paperback, 2007, 9781904853206


Also available on Kindle

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