Para Animalia

The androgynous and mysterious Wraeththu have risen to replace humanity upon a ravaged world. Is it inevitable they will forget the mistakes of the past wrought by their human ancestors or will they truly evolve to become the guardian, sentient race this Earth deserves?


Based on the world created by Storm Constantine for her Wraeththu novels, the stories in this collection explore different, intriguing aspects of Wraeththu’s possible future. Whether that is leaving the earthly realm to explore the uncharted reaches of the multiverse via the Otherlanes, raising the ancient lost continents of humanity’s myths and legends, surfing the psychic equivalent of the Internet, coming to terms with their race’s human past, or simply revisiting earlier territory where pain and disappointment might still lurk, Para Imminence offers a vibrant and colourful compendium of visions of the future of harakind.




Preface: The Persistence of Hara – Storm Constantine

Introduction – Brad Carpenter

A Tour of the House – Storm Constantine

The Etherline – Wendy Darling

The Lakes of Lunil – Andy Bigwood

Ascension – Maria J. Leel

The Lady – Daniela Ritter

The Bridge – Martina Bellovičová

The Dehara of Navisalam – E S Wynn

The Colour of Words – Victoria Copus

Antiques – Wendy Darling

Give Us This Day – Fiona Lane

Destiny of Choice and Chance – Suzanne Gabriel

Ai-Cara 1515 – Martina Luise Pachali

The Skies of Miyacala – Andy Bigwood

Beyond a Veil of Stars – Storm Constantine

History Lesson – Maria J. Leel

Afterword: We Might Be Doomed, but That Aside - Wendy Darling


Immanion Press, paperback, 2012, 9781907737459

Cover Art by Ruby


Also available on Kindle

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