The Wraeththu Chronicles

Omnibus Edition

Omnibus edition of the revised versions of ‘The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit’, ‘The Bewitchments of Love and Hate’ and ‘The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire’.


The Wraeththu are an androgynous race, who come to replace humanity in a world devastated by human predation and ignorance. Superior both physically and psychically to their predecessors, Wraeththu are a young race who must learn how to master their own powers and not repeat the mistakes that led to humanity's downfall. But problems arise from the fact that Wraeththu originally derived from humans, and carry within them the same traits that need to be overcome.


The Wraeththu Chronicles charts the early history of Wraeththu, through the eyes of three major characters: Pellaz, destined to become ruler of his kind; Swift, a young 'pure born' har whose people are in conflict with another major tribe vying for power, and Cal, the pivotal, enigmatic trickster who is either saviour or destroyer.


The Wraeththu books have been praised for their depth of characterisation, their dark romance and the authentic account of magic. For anyone wishing to sample their world, this is the book to start with.


Cover art by Ruby


Immanion Press, 2005, paperback, 1-9048-5329-3


While this edition was published prior to the 2nd editions of the separate volumes of the Wraeththu Chronicles, the text is the same.

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