One of four volumes collecting the shorter works of mistress of shadow fantasy, Storm Constantine, Mythophidia’s theme is the serpentine and the exotic. The snakes in these pages are seducers and deceivers, whose pretty jewelled coats might attract the eye, yet ultimately poison the heart.


From the sinister fetishism of ‘Kiss Booties Night Night’, through the dark fairy tales of ‘Sweet Bruising Skin’ and ‘The Heart of Fairen De’ath’, to the mysterious toxins of ‘Remedy of the Bane’ and ‘Night’s Damozel’, these twelve stories are a dizzying and rapturous flight into the inner worlds of an author renowned for her sumptuous dark visions.


Full Contents

Introduction by the author

Kiss Booties Night-Night

An Old Passion

Just His Type

Remedy of the Bane

Sweet Bruising Skin

Curse of the Snake

Nocturne: The Twilight Community

Night’s Damozel

The Heart of Fairen De’ath

Poisoning the Sea

Such a Nice Girl

The Oracle Lips

Mythophidia Small