The third in Immanion Press’s  series of Storm Constantine’s short story collections, Mytholumina contains the majority of the author’s science fiction stories that have appeared in anthologies and magazines.


There are rare pieces to be found here, such as ‘So What’s Forever’, ‘The Vitreous Suzerain’ and ‘God Be With You’ that were written for short-lived or little known genre magazines that Storm was keen to support. Included also are previously unpublished pieces, such as ‘The Germ of Life’ and ‘Time Beginning at Break of Day’.


Whether they take you to a slightly-skewed version of our own reality or out among the far flung stars, these stories are peopled by the rogues, seducers and enigmas that are a hallmark of Ms Constantine’s work.


Full Contents: 

Introduction by the author


The Pleasure Giver Taken

As it Flows to the Sea

The College Spirit

Last Come Assimilation

Time Beginning at Break of Day

Did You Ever See Oysters Walking Down the Stairs...?

The Vitreous Suzerain

The Rust Islands

Built on Blood

God Be With You

So What’s Forever

The Germ of Life

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