The fourth in Immanion Press’s series of Storm Constantine’s short story collections of fantasy and science fiction, Mythanimus includes previously published stories, as well as a variety of rarities.  


Several of the stories appeared in small press magazines, such as An Elemental Tale and Dancer for the World’s Death, so will have been read by few, while one of them – The Silver Paladin - is in print for the first time.


Full Contents:

Introduction by the author


An Elemental Tale

Dancer for the World’s Death

Panquilia the Ruins

The Preservation

Priest of Hands

Joy in Desire

The Fool’s Path

The Time She Became

Where the Vampires Live

The Deliveress

Candle Magic

Of a Cat But Her Skin...

The Silver Paladin

The Farmer’s Bride, Poem by Charlotte Mew

The Farmer’s Bride


“Some of the pieces in this collection were first written way back when I was a teenager – since rewritten, naturally – and all of them to me speak of the ‘myth inside’. We create our own mythologies constantly; we are drawn to archetypes and live out archetypal dramas. In the depths of our dreams and our most soaring imaginations, we are creatures of myth, capable of anything.”

Storm Constantine