Angels dark and light have inspired Storm Constantine throughout her writing life. In Mythangelus, all of her stories with an angelic theme, or inspired by angel mythos, are collected for the first time. This includes two Wraeththu stories, ‘By the River of If Only’ and ‘Paragenesis’ – as the Wraeththu novels were originally inspired by magical angelic legends.


Included too are ‘Fireborn’, and  ‘The Feet, They Dance’, pieces that were written while Storm was working on her Grigori trilogy, which are tales inspired by the myths of the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim.  ‘A Change of Season’ is the short story that eventually became the opening chapters of ‘Stalking Tender Prey’, the first in the Grigori series, and ‘Heir to a Tendency’ features the lead Grigori character of Peverel Othman, years before his feet led him to Little Moor and the events of the first novel.


From the fairy tale lore of ‘Spinning for Gold’ and ‘Living with the Angel’ to the more science fiction oriented ‘The Green Calling’, and the dark urban fantasy of ‘Return to Gehenna’, these stories are among the most sumptuous and vivid from the imagination of  the celebrated  Shadow Priestess of Fantasy.


Full Contents


The Law of Being

The Green Calling

Angel of the Hate Wind

The Feet, They Dance

Return to Gehenna

A Change of Season

How Enlightenment Came to the Tower

By the River of If Only...


Heir to a Tendency

Spinning for Gold

The Nothing Child

Living with the Angel

The Oracle Lips

Afterlude: Story History