The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit

Book 1 of The Wraeththu Chronicles

"Terror hung in the air like the foul-smelling smoke from a gutted house, where people have been burned alive inside. I could feel it. Wraeththu. I shiver to say the word. Something has happened to them. Where did they come from? How did it happen? Why is it spreading like a plague? I have seen. I have seen what they do. I have seen their faces. They always take their dead with them, always. There is a secret. Dont you understand? A secret. Wraeththu are not what they seem. They are more than they seem."


Pellaz is a human boy, drawn into the mysterious world of Wraeththu, where he must face changes at every level of his being. Powerful individuals control his every move, and it seems only Cal, his lover and nemesis, is the har who most cares about Pell's destiny. But Cal lacks the power or influence to combat the forces arrayed against them, and tragedy sets in motion the history of the Aralids, the first dynasty of Wraeththu kings, amid a landscape of power-mongering, treachery and betrayal.


Ground-breaking when they first appeared, The Wraeththu Chronicles chart the history of a new race of hermaphrodite beings who come to replace humanity on Earth. Daring, erotic and magical, the Immanion Press editions include ‘deleted scenes’, which have now been restored and expanded. The book also includes new chapter heading illustrations by acclaimed fantasy artist, Ruby.


2nd Immanion Press edition, paperback, 2007, 978-1-904853-37-4


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