Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra

A unique work on the history and magic of the Egyptian feline and leonine goddesses   from the ancient land of majestic splendour and long-held secrets.


Practising pagans Storm Constantine and Eloise Coquio discuss the important role cats - who have been both worshipped as gods and reviled as demons - play in many people's lives, not just as pets but as spiritual totems.


Describing how the authors were first drawn to Egyptian magic, with echoes far back in their childhoods, this book follows their explorations with their magical group into this rich system.


'Bast and Sekhmet' is a manual for magic that incorporates all the rituals the authors' circle have used, with suggestions for creating one's own, whether working solo or in groups.


Also discussed are such aspects as temple creation, attuning with your own cat familiar, and ritual techniques. Sections are devoted to other Egyptian feline/leonine gods and goddesses that are not so well known. Finally, the authors suggest ways in which you can work in Bast's name in this world, such as by 'adopting' a lion or helping animal charities.


'Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra' was written in response to the ever-increasing popularity of and demand for information about these powerful and mysterious deities - ancient goddesses for the new millennium.


Published by Robert Hale 1999 (hardback)  978-0709064183

2006 4(pbk) 978-0709080350