Storm Constantine’s first novel, ‘The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit’, was published in 1987. The opening book in her internationally best-selling Wraeththu trilogy, this was followed by ‘The Bewitchments of Love and Hate’ and ‘The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire’. Storm’s work has always crossed boundaries, broken taboos and ventured into territory not normally encountered in the fantasy and science fiction genres. In 1987 her ideas were unconventionally ground-breaking and the androgynous Wraeththu, with their gender-blurring sexual magic were certainly a shock to the genre.


Throughout her career to date, Storm’s work has covered many genres from fantasy, dark fantasy and horror to science fiction and slipstream. She has so far written twenty-four novels, and currently has most of her short stories collected in four Immanion Press editions: ‘Mythanimus’, ‘Mytholumina’, ‘Mythangelus’ and ‘Mythophidia', with more in the NewCon Press collection 'Splinters of Truth'.


Storm has also written non-fiction titles upon esoteric subjects, including ‘Sekhem Heka’, a healing system she developed around Seichim to include a more magical aspect, and ‘Grimoire Dehara: Kaimana’, and it's second volume, 'Grimoire Dehara Book Two: Ulani', Pop Culture Magic titles based around the Wraeththu lore.


Immanion Press has brought all of Storm’s back catalogue back into print, so that the earlier titles are available for everyone.


Immanion Press titles can be viewed at www.immanion-press.com, and the contact address is info(at)immanion-press(dot)com




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